Truck Welt Day – internal training on the marketing strategies

Truck Welt is a brand under which a workshop and a distributor of spare parts for trucks and heavy vehicles work. In order to optimize the performance of the two entities, we developed, together with them, a marketing and communication plan that, among other activities, included the re-branding.

The change of the brand caused some apprehension among employees. Why does a different, never heard name appear in invoices and documents? What is this logo that has started peeking out from envelopes and uniforms?

In order to answer these questions and align all members of the company to the new marketing strategies, we organized Truck Welt Day.

This is an initiative of <em>employee marketing</em> that we hosted at our office. Here we presented the marketing plan and the strategies developed alongside the ownership.

That was enough to dispel doubts and fears of the employees who, after the event, felt involved and active part of the new strategic course, collaborating in its implementation.