Social Media Marketing for a family hotel: Hotel Lisetta in Dorf Tirol

Hotel Lisetta has been our loyal client for years. From the first websites to the birth of Google, we have led it to the discovery of the digital world and of its potential. It was natural for them to ask our help to get closer to the world of social networks.

The thorough knowledge of the hotel and its guests was fundamental to create a social media marketing strategy. In fact, Hotel Lisetta is a three-star superior hotel in Dorf Tirol, with one very important feature. For years, it has had a loyal clientele with whom the owners have very close friendship relations.

In social networks, and in Facebook in particular, we immediately foresaw great potential to enhance this aspect of the structure.

social media marketing

Training and consultancy to achieve results

After having opened the Facebook page of the hotel, we wondered how we would manage it. It seemed obvious to us that the page should reflect the friendly nature of the hotel and its owners.

At this point, we decided to involve Lisa, the daughter of the hotel owners, who had become a familiar face in some years. We have trained her, teaching her to modulate her voice through the page and to create content according to the strategic project.

After some moments of shyness, Lisa has committed to our idea, adding the management of the Facebook page to her daily tasks.

The best social media marketing is one speaking with your voice

The results were not slow to show up.

The regular guests of the hotel immediately recognized, behind the page, a familiar voice establishing a bond. The new clients, acquired by means of two promotional campaigns launched in the first months of the page activity, could breathe the typical friendly atmosphere of the hotel.

The situation resulted in a high engagement of the page posts. Compared to the average, the quantity of comments left by the page followers is impressive. Lisa cultivates them, responding to every incitement of the fans.

Thus, the hotel has strengthened the value of its brand, using Facebook to prolong the experience of staying at the hotel. In such a way, we have acquired loyal customers, establishing a relationship with the hotel that continues even after the end of your vacation.