New responsive website for restaurant Zur Kaiserkron

In the last few years, restaurant Zur Kaiserkron has become one of the landmarks of the culinary scene of Bolzano. An objective achieved thanks to the tenacity and capacity of Wieser brothers (Robert and Monica), flanked by the creativity of chef Claudio Melis. Convinced by the quality of the obtained results, the three managers have have charged us with the creation of a new responsive website to give the restaurant a virtual home being up to its name.

The user experience from the halls of the restaurant to the responsive website

The experience that you can live in restaurant Zur Kaisekron changes depending on the time of day. At lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers its guests different menus and different food concepts. To communicate this feature to the website users we have created two distinct navigation paths for lunch and for dinner. Not to confuse the user we have designed them in a specular way. The user finds a familiar structure to interact with, in each navigation path.

Customized content for a restaurant with its unmistakable style

Robert, Monica and Claudio have worked hard to give the local a well-defined identity: elegant, but not formal; refined, but not haughty. To carry it over the responsive website, we have adapted the copies and the photos to the concepts that made up the local brand, making it unique and recognizable in the cityscape. A scrutinized dialogue and an intense confrontation with the three managers have been essential to achieve a result capable of reflecting the style and spirit of the place in a heart-felt and authentic way.

The value of the upgradeable areas

Attention to the seasonality of ingredients is one of the strengths of restaurant Zur Kaiserkron. It often happens that the fixed menus get flanked by other ones, depending on the season and availability of ingredients. Thus we have equipped the responsive website of Kaiserkron with a news area designed to present different seasonal offerings to users, with customized content. A choice that helps us easily communicate the restaurant’s initiatives and improve the responsive website indexing and positioning on search engines.