How the marketing plan has transformed Inoxferdi into Ghima

When we started working on this marketing plan, Inoxferdi was a historical company of Bolzano, specializing in the production of metallic carpentry.
The will to tackle a strategic path of growth had been born from the difficulties faced by the company in achieving economic sustainability. Difficulties arising from a fragile clientele that had led to major losses due to bankruptcy proceedings.
Inoxferdi substantially asked us to increase their revenue without overloading the corporate structure, at that time consisting of 15 employees.

Hello, we are Ghima bye bye Inoxferdi|

Marketing plan creation

In the marketing plan, we immediately identified the tool necessary to hit the target of the company. After a thorough analysis of the company and of its peculiarities, we have identified two elements to be targeted.
First of all, we revealed the importance of a CRM strategy and the necessity to enhance the brand equity of the company to improve its perception in the market.

CRM strategy

The development of a CRM strategy was necessary both to better serve customers, and to be able to optimize their management. By segmenting the clientele into categories based on clearly defined parameters, we have been able to figure out which customers were more reliable and we focused on retaining them. In such a way, we have created and organized a customer database useful for future marketing and communication initiatives.

Birth of Ghima

Alongside the development of the CRM strategy, we have worked to enhance the perception of the brand. Our studies showed that the historical name of the company was an obstacle being too tied to a corporate identity that had to be abandoned.
Thus, we decided to create a new brand, embodied by the corporate name Ghima and by the claim Life to things. By following this direction, we have developed the corporate mission and vision and have given life to a branding project that affected the entire brand communication.

What results have been obtained owing to this strategy?

Two years after the marketing plan presentation and the beginning of its implementation, Ghima registered the increase of turnover that we had set as a goal.
The CRM strategy has fostered the improvement of customer management in all its phases. Re-branding was crucial to convey a new corporate image, influencing the perceived value. The new brand has also allowed the company introduce itself successfully to a new and more reliable clientele.