Branding for Almacabio – a leading company in the eco-bio-compatible detergent industry changes its look

Almacabio is a manufacturer of cosmetics and cleaning products, according to the rigid standards of eco-bio-compatibility. It is not only the market leader in its field, but also a pioneer of the organic. Almacabio, in fact, was founded in 1974 in Germany, and then moved to Italy in the ’80s.

Over the time, the branding and the visual identity of the company have remained stranded, unable to update themselves to contemporary trends. It was therefore necessary to work on the elements that make up the brand to adapt them to the current standards.

Logo redesign and corporate identity


Original Almacabio Logo


Company logo after restyling.

The logo was the first element we focused on during the branding work. It wasn’t only necessary to update the company logo, but also to optimize it to equip it with the necessary flexibility to make it effective in every possible context of use.

In rethinking the logo we started from its original form, preserving it and expanding it in order to integrate the claim and thus create the brand. Then we worked on the number of colors, reducing them from three to two in order to simplify the color range and make it more usable.

Following the line set with the redesign we have developed the corporate identity to provide a useful guideline to standardize the new visual identity of the brand in every possible context of use.

New identity – new labels

The differences in the labels of different products was a consequence of the uncertain visual identity of the Almacabio brand, urgent to resolve. Working on the product taxonomy and following the guidelines outlined with the logo redesign and the corporate identity, we have also solved this problem, according to the branding concepts that we have developed.

We have renamed the four lines marketed by the brand using the names of four precious stones, emphasizing the values of purity, preciousness and naturalness of the products. The approach has also allowed us to give each line a specific color, matching with that of the corresponding stone, thereby improving product recognition.

Following this cue, we have redesigned the product labels by applying the taxonomy and creating an effect of reality by using photographs that recall to the context of use of each single item.

Sana 2016, the debut of the new brand identity

The Bologna fair Sana 2016 was the perfect opportunity to present the new brand identity to the public and to test the branding concepts. We did it by creating a stand inspired by the new corporate identity, that would transmit the various changes brought about the visual communication of the brand.

The new logo has taken the central position, next to which we have placed the new taxonomy of lines, showing how this last will be applied to the products. We’ve also created the support materials (brochures, videos, country image) to further specify the universe of values of the brand.

TORMALINE – Body Care line
AMBER – Home line
ACQUAMARINE – Laundry line
EMERALD – Crockery line