A team of top experts for the marketing and communication of your company

Our team brings together professionals with different background, capable of navigating the marketing and communication areas at 360 °

Marketing managers, developers, designers, web marketing specialists. Our team consists of professionals able to add value to our services, by giving the client their skills, preparation, and attitude constantly aimed at the result.

Gaetano Bucci


Johanna Elisabeth Mair

Partner – Sales Manager

Tommaso Crisci

Partner – Product Manager

Andreas Paoli

Managing Director

Marcello Koob

Marketing Strategist

Thomas Tretter

Marketing Manager

Max Carbone

Trusted Advisor

Flavio Pintarelli

Content Marketing Director

Alessio Pettinari

Art Director

Ciro Giuseppe Biscaglia

Finance Director

Carmen Eisath

Digital & Graphic Designer

Christian Rainer


Antonio Salerno

Account Director

Jasmine Kirchler

Finance & Sales Assistant

Katarina Nemeckova

Finance Assistant & Account Manager

Alessia Bucci

Social Media & Account Manager

Our team works every day to turn your goals into reality