Our current market analyzes show an economy that is in great difficulty, but at the same time they also show that there are areas – those of excellence in the first place – that continue to grow.

In our country, rich in wonderful beauties, there are 51 World Heritage sites alone and a new company is created every 4 minutes, about 400 a day. We are also one of the most creative folks, with 20 centuries of patronage that have left us the greatest artistic heritage in the world. Our tradition lives in 20 regions, 87 provinces and is made up of people who speak 26 local languages and 367 dialects.

We are the 2nd largest European exporter of luxury goods, the world’s 1st country for trade balance in food and wine, the world’s leading exporter in furniture, the 2nd furniture manufacturer and the 2nd largest producer of precision mechanics in the European Union.

What all these sectors have in common are  traditions, history and love for beauty. All these factors have in fact made our country famous worldwide.

Italy has become synonymous with excellence, the “Made in Italy” brand is a guarantee of quality, innovation and beauty. These characteristics are difficult to find in other countries.

However, these factors alone are not enough for a company to succeed. In Italy, the winning realities are united by other distinctive determining factors such as the tendency to specialize in delimited niches, with clearly defined target groups. For example, think of supercars or the world of high jewelery. Two examples that prove that craftsmanship and concentration on every little detail in limited editions lead to success. So if you want to be successful, it’s about developing a strong, bold, self-contained strategy that keeps a small number of customers in mind – in an almost limitless world.

Many successful companies also have a charismatic founder in common, a character with a clear vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Enzo Ferrari may be considered as an example of these personalities.

And all these companies are bursting with innovation, they are technical leaders in their respective fields, and they are able to set up enormous barriers to their competitors.

If such companies are able to compete in such a shaky economy, then this is due to a combination of many factors, but above all to a successful strategy.

The choice of many companies to be absolute leaders in niche markets implies the ability to make strong choices, deciding where to compete and where not. This is one of the key questions to the strategy that must always be addressed: what path to take to have a real strong competitive advantage and allocate resources correctly.

The ability to make bold decisions and invest in the future is the starting point when it comes to answering the key questions of a business:

  • On which integrated aspect of strategic decisions is it important to focus your attention?
  • How is it possible to grow affirming itself in a sustainable way?
  • How to rethink your offer and your processes in order to prevail in the new digital age?
  • How can the entrepreneurial strategy be transferred to everyday life so that the defined goals can be achieved?
  • How to balance innovation and corporate culture?

At Genetica we offer a methodology to allow the company to position itself in a distinctive way with respect to its competitors, to create a sustainable advantage over the long term.
Within the portfolio of tools and proprietary methodologies such as the “Scale up strategy” developed by us, it is possible to access and choose which set of integrated choices to refer to in a simplified yet profound way.

The “Scale up strategy” represents a process consisting of modules in which the elements are not sequentially but interactively designed, making the strategic path robust, exhaustive and sustainable.

Developing the right strategy, in a focused, guided, methodical process, is at the heart of Genetica, our goal is to help companies and institutions make the right decisions, step by step towards constant growth.

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Credo nell’equità distributiva del mercato, nella qualità, nella bellezza e nella logica delle scelte. Ecco perché ho creato quest’azienda.

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