We hardly hear one sentence as often as: “Could we make the text shorter, on the web no one likes to read it anyway.” This is a common belief that should be questioned urgently, because: It is a prejudice that text contents are not read on the internet.

Like so many prejudices, even this has a true core though. Or better: a historical one. When the internet was born, texts were pretty much the last thing you’ve been paying attention to. This also because they were mostly unordered, the fonts hardly legible, the background uneasy, with a hodge-podge of pictures and graphics, which were only distracting one from the text.

Fortunately, a lot has changed since then, mainly in the web design. The readability is now a key factor of the success of a website, perhaps the most important at all.

After all, the web is nothing more than an immense collection of (hyper-) texts that are all linked somehow.

If one wants to measure the quality of a text on the Internet, a parameter such as its length hardly counts. It does not matter whether a text is long or short, what counts is, that it is readable. The resurrection of storytelling proves this. It brings long stories on the web, which – if well-written and with the right layout – are read with pleasure.

So whether to upload a longer or a shorter text, depends first and foremost on the objective.

If you want to tell, what makes your company tick and how your products are created, a longer, more detailed text content may be the right instrument to do so. Not only because it provides the reader with the information he is looking for, but also because there is a link between the length of the texts and the positioning in the search engines. In short, Google likes longer, more sophisticated content.

If, on the other hand, you want the traffic on your page to be converted into corresponding actions, then you should put on shorter, clear and precise texts. You get the user to contact you, buy your product or book a room in your hotel – in short: to do what you want.

As so often, there is none magic formula for the perfect text on the Internet. There are different objectives and contexts to be considered when arranging the text. It must then sit like a second skin. It goes without saying that this also includes a clear, appealing and intuitive design.

Are you still convinced that the shorter the text, the better? We hope not …

Flavio Pintarelli

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