When I recently met the owner of a large company from Merano (no, I will not name it), he told me: “My daughter does our marketing, she is an expert at it.” “Ok, that’s it, I thought to myself at that moment and a little later his daughter joined us. She looked great, wearing a stunning red dress absolutely out of place. I stood up to greet her and she replied, “Good morning, Mr. Bucci, finally I get to know You!” She has been following Genetica for a long time, she said and added. “I was very much looking forward to meeting you! “Then she approched me and wrapped her arms around me in front of her father whispering in my ear with a husky sensual voice:” Help us …! ”

I know, I know … You want to know how the story goes on, but this I’ll tell you later. Allow me first to take a step back and point out the fact that a lot of entrepreneurs have not yet understood that times have changed. They are still talking about the crisis. This is, believe me, nothing new, but something that exists from the beginning of time. Charles Darwin has already pointed out that not the most intelligent or strongest species survives, but the one that best adapts to the changing environment. According to Darwin, the key concept is “adaptation”. In natural sciences, this term describes the ability of a species to change physiologically, anatomically, and behaviorally so that it can adapt to the changes in its habitat.

When entrepreneurs confuse the change in their environment with a crisis, this can have devastating effects. It is one of the reasons why people over the age of 50 are finding it difficult to find a position as CEO. And it is one of the reasons why there are administrative boards in which the core business is that of adapting the vision of one’s company to the changes of the world.

“Adaptation” is thus a key concept not only in the natural sciences, but also in business: products, markets, employees, marketing – all have to adapt. Today there are too many companies whose brand is obsolete, their philosophy is not formulated precisely, their product range is not coherent, and they have no means to get in touch with the target group. They have no analysis systems to know whether their own strategy is a flop or the idea of the century, no systems to keep the existing customers, to animate them to buy new products or simply more of it. There is a lack of automated mechanisms to strengthen customers loyalty,a framework for regular communication, targeted communication and automated processes for correct positioning on the market.

The discovery of fire about one and a half million years ago has decisively changed the fate of Homo Erectus. Suddenly, boiled, roasted meat stood on his diet, which was easier to digest and could be absorbed and used more quickly by the body. This, in turn, has affected the physique of our ancestors, which until then had been adapted to long chewing. More space was created for the brain that could now grow.

At the time, one and a half million years ago, there have been those who have immediately recognized and used the advantages of the new discovery, and thus have adapted themselves. And there were those who continued to consume raw flesh. Until their death. So the question is: have you developed and adapted? Or do you still eat raw meat? Ok, there still are people sitting in the restaurant and eating raw meat in a suit and tie, but that is not the point. You know, what I mean…

And for all those who have only read this article to find out how the story with the beautiful entrepreneur daughter in the red dress ended: Sorry, this was a pure invention to motivate you to read this article, a handle in the magic box of the Psychology, because we all have a need to know how a story ends. Even if the movie is terrible. So, I’m sorry I put this invented story at the beginning, but … not all of us approach the fire spontaneously and taste the roasted meat…

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