Since it was born, marketing has changed a lot. It could not be otherwise, given that when the society changes, marketing changes accordingly. Until a few years ago, to be sold, it was sufficient for a product to be of excellent quality and useful for people’s lives.

Today, unfortunately, this is no longer enough. Because people are not satisfied by owing something useful or beautiful. What people want is to be part of something bigger than themselves. A community, in short.

The most famous brands have always stimulated people to identify with them. But how did they manage? Which is the secret ingredient driving people to marry and share the worldview and values embodied in a brand?

The answer is simpler than you can imagine. It is the stories that make it possible.

Stories are ancient and powerful tools. Since the dawn of humanity, people have been fascinated by the stories and by those capable of telling them. Our ancestors would gather around the fire to listen to stories and legends that always had some lesson to transmit. It is thanks to them that the communities would solidify their relationships, becoming stronger and firmer.

You can have the best product in the market, the fastest delivery, the highest quality. But all this means nothing if people fail to be reflected in your story. Because when we buy something, we do not buy just one item or service. We buy a value and an experience that define our identity.
That’s why must choose carefully which stories to tell and by what means. Because, if is not us to do it, there will always be someone else ready to tell our story for us. And it won’t always be a positive story. Never heard of Tripadvisor?

Nowadays, thanks to the digital technology, you have a tremendous amount of tools to tell stories. Social networks, YouTube, your website are all blank pages waiting to be filled. Filled to be read by a potentially incredible number of people. People who want to sit down again by the fire, as their ancestors would do centuries ago, and to get fascinated by a storyteller.

That storytellers can be your company.

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