Whether we like it or not, we always have the future in mind, it is always the future that determines our existence, because we fear it or – the braver and more fortunate among us – ¬†want to shape it. In any case, we have a whole bunch of data to process: “soft” data that pertains to our private lives and “hard” ones that relate to our professional lives. They are diversified, constantly changing, highly complex. At the same time we are used to something quite human in South Tyrol: from the countryside to short distances, to direct communication that does not take hundreds of kilometers between us and our interlocutor. And our economy does not experience the extreme ups and downs that it experiences elsewhere. These are circumstances that enable us to enjoy the benefits of our geoeconomic platform.

Geoeconomic Platform? Exactly: It’s part of the work that Genetica has been doing day after day for two decades. The geoeconomic platform is populated with people, businesses, energies, cultures, here emerge the paths, often diffuse and chaotic, that define our quality of life. It is our way of making the economy successful. Genetica is working to find these ways to isolate the players and find patterns that define our cultural and entrepreneurial actions.

As we all know, our country is special, partly because of the specificities we have already outlined, partly because of prudent management and far-sighted politics. Genetica has set itself the task of constantly working on the changing idea of our territory, updating and analyzing it to create an economic map. In this we insert viable paths and coherent agglomerations and delete paths that are dead end. Our platform from which we started is therefore one that results from the knowledge of the country and its players. And from the knowledge of an environment that is in transition.

Genetica develops its vision based on this geoeconomic and geocultural platform, guides its partners, finds synergies between similar unaware of their similarity, and creates business development opportunities. One of the most strategically important skills is to engage in dialogue and exchange, creating the conditions to open up the flow of ideas that define the existence of a new fabric that grows and strengthens only through shared empathy, based on the fact that similar recognize themselves. So it’s about dismantling a culture of opposites and building economic dynamics that are based on cooperation and exchange – and thus on saving resources and entrepreneurial energy. This new dynamic will keep on growing, developing, strengthening and constantly renewing itself.

And this dynamic feeds on energies that we find especially in South Tyrol. It is now important to bundle these, to use them in synergies, in corporate networks. Weaving such networks means having the missing pieces to hold them together. So if you want to weave a stable net, you need to know what it will look like in the end, you have to know what it is meant for, what it consists of and who supplies the necessary raw material.

Such raw materials are available in South Tyrol almost in excess and in the highest quality. Visible and invisible. Genetica works to make the best possible use of these raw materials by showing viable paths for companies to do business. Viable ways on the background of the best, indeed unique, conditions: geographical location, cultural and linguistic diversity, prudent administration. Finally, we see it as our duty to contribute to strengthening corporate networks, to a near future that is even more structured and responsive than the present.


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